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SeedAssure a complete software scheme of agile (bespoke but also regulatory compliant) field-based data collection applications that sit on an interoperable platform that can incorporate existing client programs for data and document exchange between multiple agencies all along the value chain, securely and in real-time. The applications on the platform are well-tested—over 20M successful field checks to date—and enable our customers to achieve very high levels of safety and compliance (e.g., ultralow pesticide residue levels). The systems have provided many African companies real-time decision-making capability while ensuring continuous improvement end to end in their supply chains. These systems are commodity agnostic, and can be applied to almost any agricultural commodity, and work at national, regional, and international levels and are compliant to standards, with public regulatory agencies also as clients, so very much scale-able.

If fully deployed, the SeedAssure digital certification system will galvanize trade and investment in African seed sectors and catapult access to improved seed products to farmers across the region.

Business Value and Productivity

4.0 out of 5 32 ratings

KE_RC, 15/03/2020

Additional Information
Provider   Cellsoft Technologies Limited
Category   Productivity
Compatibility   Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Languages   English
Rated for business people   4+
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Price   Free trial 30 days
Commercial Subscription Model    Yes

Installation Guide

  1. Contact to get the QC instance and user details setup.
  2. QC Office. Once setup a link with be share with a specific server ID for the instance. Use the provided username and password to access.
  3. Installing the app:
  1. Android app.
    - Go to play store and search for Greenlight Quality control and install.
  2. Apple.
    Go to App Store and search for Greenlight Quality Control and GET. - Once installed, enter the server ID, User and Password and click login to access QC Mobile

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