Greenlight Grower Management sold by Cellsoft Technologies is an online platform that connects the agri-food community via the cloud, ensuring whoever undertakes the task – and wherever they are based – cropping records are completed quickly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort and speeding up operational processes.

Farmers, agronomists and contractors can access, record and share field activity using our easy-to-use web-site and iPad app. The app operates offline and synchronises with the web automatically when a connection is available to ensure your crop information is always up-to-date and available at your fingertips.

Completing crop recording activity in the field is a simple task with our off-line app. It has the potential to completely change the way farmers, contractors and agronomists work in the field.

• Sync data to your device and work completely offline
• Add new sites, fields and crops on the go
• View and create field and crop boundaries
• View field and crop histories and previous applications
• View, create and confirm spray and fertiliser recommendations quickly and easily whilst in the field
• Log crop inspections with picture evidence and field location
• Audit spray plans against legal and environmental restrictions (country dependent)
• Synchronise the information captured in field to the cloud to give all stakeholders instant visibility of the latest activity

Business Value and Productivity

4.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings



Muddy Boots Software- Distributed by Cellsoft Technologies
33.6 MB

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



Rated for business people
Free trial 30 days
Commercial Subscription Model

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Installation Guide

  1. Visit the link to register
  2. Fill in your details to register, First and last name, email, password, accept T&C and click continue.
  3. Enter company details and company telephone number, select subscription level, country, upload your company logo then click register. This creates and an account with your email as the username and password. You will receive these details in your email.
  4. To login visit this page and use the registered email as your username and the password you used on registration.
  5. GLGM App, open app store on ipad or iphone search for Greenlight Grower Management app and GET to install. Once complete us the details set above to login.


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